Maintenance service

We offer comprehensive service for individually designed and modern systems and technologies. Systematic and professional servicing of installations not only allows for uninterrupted, efficient and reliable operation of devices, but is also often required by law. Ongoing monitoring and catching errors in the operation of devices and installations allows to increase their efficiency, avoid energy and power losses, and even prevent possible damage that can have huge financial consequences.

Our qualified team of specialists provides professional service, including periodic inspections, checks, supervision and assistance in the event of sudden failures. OTTO service technicians have the knowledge, necessary equipment, diagnostic and measurement tools (such as NO, CO analyzer, VOC analyzer, thermal imaging camera) and have all the required authorizations. We are also constantly investing in their development in terms of expanding specialist knowledge, knowledge of legal provisions and ensuring the highest level of services.

In our daily work, we deal with:

  • air handling units (including heat exchangers, air humidifiers)
  • fans and filters
  • pumps
  • cooling installations (chillers, air conditioners, heat pumps, control and safety devices, pipes and fittings, dampers and cut-off devices (including fire dampers)
  • air purification installations (oxidizers, adsorbers, regulating devices)
  • control automation systems (control cabinets, field devices, sensors, regulators)

The basic scope of maintenance services includes:

Service of thermal oxidizers, air protection devices – including comprehensive service of our devices and devices of other manufacturers. We offer guarantee and post-guarantee service. We perform periodic service inspections of regenerative, thermal and catalytic oxidizers, complete repairs of faulty devices, as well as ongoing repairs in the event of a failure. Service activities performed during the service of thermal devices include detailed control of:

  • gas fittings
  • combustion quality using an exhaust gas analyzer
  • combustion chambers and assessment of the technical condition of ceramics
  • condition of fans, heat exchangers, control devices, pneumatic system, safety devices
  • measurement with a VOC analyzer of pollution reduction degree

Ventilation installation service – including comprehensive installation service aimed at guaranteeing long-term, trouble-free and reliable operation. As part of service activities, we are able to detect minor faults, which can prevent the occurrence of serious failures and downtime of the ventilation system, detect damage to the installation caused by incorrect switching of frost protection, as well as prevent aging of the installation and interruptions in use caused by disruptions.

Air-conditioning installation service – its main task is to maintain the set operating parameters of the devices. The ventilation devices must be checked and inspected periodically by qualified personnel for tightness and proper functioning. Often, periodic inspections are obligatorily imposed on entrepreneurs by the provisions of Polish and European law. This applies in particular to refrigeration plants.

Teleserwis – a modern 24/7 remote data transmission solution, thanks to which we are able to transfer all relevant data to our database in Rzeszów. In this way, we are able to monitor production conditions on an ongoing basis, apply control system regulations, prepare systems for service, and even remedy some failures without having to arrive on site. We are able to remotely:

  • Remedy some failures
  • Provide start-up support
  • Preparing for service
  • Making adjustments to controls over an extended period of time
  • Monitoring various production conditions for optimal use of the plant
  • Making direct changes to the functioning of devices and installations at the customer’s request

We offer our customers permanent Service Agreements, which ensure the efficiency of devices, as well as safety due to the readiness of the service team in the event of a sudden failure. As part of service agreements, we also perform advisory activities:

  • inspections of devices in terms of possible energy savings as well as corrective and improving treatments
  • planning and designing reconstruction or extension of the installation
  • preparation of an appropriate offer for the repair of a device that has been found to be damaged
  • training of company personnel responsible for the operation of equipment as part of service works

Please send inquiries regarding cooperation to the following address: or via the contact form available on the website in the Contact us tab.

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