Clean room

Clean rooms

Cleanrooms and their associated controlled environments ensure an appropriate concentration of solid pollutants in the air to enable activities that are susceptible to pollution. In addition to dust cleanliness, it is often required to control other important environmental parameters such as pressure, temperature, humidity, as well as noise parameters and lighting intensity in the cleanroom. Our offer covers a full range of supplies and services: from partial projects to complete projects.

OTTO Engineering Polska develops, plans and builds complete cleanroom systems for production or micro-production. The implementation includes walls, ceilings and floors, ventilation systems, installations for the production and delivery of technological media, as well as measurement and supervision technologies. Regardless of whether you plan to build a new facility, expand or modernize existing installations, in each of those cases we will find and implement the best and most profitable solution. Throughout the implementation process, we use procedures to verify the compliance of a given room with the defined requirements. Our work is characterized by modern know-how, flexibility, full commitment and readiness for intensive and open dialogue. This is the only way to guarantee the efficiency of project work and the complete fulfillment of expectations.

Almost all high-tech companies rely on an absolutely clean environment during the production process

For each industry, we provide everything that is needed to create the perfect production climate that meets specific parameters. Continuous technological progress and more and more complex and changing legal regulations require faster adaptation of production processes to specific needs, and consequently – the use of clean work environments and shorter production cycles. We want to meet this challenge. Therefore, we have developed solutions that allow to maintain the reliability of processes, and at the same time guarantee high economic efficiency. Clean room systems are used in many industries:

  • Microelectronic industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Micromechanical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical technology industry
  • Food production
  • Automotive industry
  • Laboratories
  • IT and telecommunications

A wide range of requirements for the production process is carefully assessed in terms of technical, normative and regulatory requirements. The scope of the project includes full ventilation technology, utilities supply, cleanrooms expansion, as well as measurement, control, regulation and monitoring technologies. The cleanroom technology is individually adjusted and planned down to the smallest detail. Our experienced specialists design, plan and build complete cleanroom zones.

We will conduct the project from start to finish, taking into account:

  • Feasibility study
  • Planning the development of an industrial facility
  • Location selection / Due Diligence
  • Process simulation, consulting and optimization   
  • Cost estimation   
  • EU-GMP/FDA advice/Gap analysis
  • Guarantee of qualification and validation

Guarantee of qualification and validation

Professionally conducted validation and documented evidence confirming the required quality standards of the production plant and the product are necessary to obtain a manufacturer’s license. Our specialists will validate all systems, processes, devices, materials and activities that make up the production process.

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