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The Research Laboratory of Otto Engineering Polska implements a comprehensive program of supplies and services, and supervises projects implemented in the field of broadly understood environmental engineering. We provide comprehensive customer support, starting from the compliance audit of the documents required by the provisions of the Environmental Protection Law and planning operations related to the future economic activity of the customer.

We have become a leader on the Polish market in the field of environmental protection through the implementation of the required documentation and environmental measurements, as well as customer support during the course of administrative processes. In addition, in cooperation with other departments of our company, we offer professional assistance in comprehensive service of planned and implemented investments in order to adapt many areas of the business to new process requirements, including environmental protection and clean production standards.

The research laboratory of OTTO Engineering Polska Sp. z o.o. is one of the few commercial laboratories in Poland with PCA accreditation in the field of olfactometric measurements. We cooperate with the largest laboratories and research centers in the world – in Germany, Russia, USA, Finland, Spain and Greece. We offer the possibility of conducting tests in the field of measurements of pollutant emissions into the environment along with the preparation of appropriate environmental documentation enabling the obtaining of decisions required by law as part of activities conducted in individual sectors. 

The activities of our laboratory include:

Research in the field of air protection:

  • Olfactometric measurements according to PN-EN ISO/IEC 13725: 2007 and VDI 3880: 2011:
    – Inventory of odor substances emission sources
    – Sampling for olfactometric tests from point and surface sources
    – Determination of odor concentration using dynamic olfactometry method
    – Odor flux evaluating
    – Deodorization effectiveness evaluating
  • Determination of the concentration of organic compounds, including determination of the concentration and emissions of total volatile organic carbon (TVOC)
  • Gas volume flow measurement
  • Measurements of dust and gaseous substances from industrial installations (O2, CO2, CO, SO2, NO)
  • Sampling for the determination of the concentration of organic compounds using the aspiration method with the use of an adsorbent and the emission of those compounds
  • Sampling to determine the concentration of individual gaseous organic compounds and the emission of those compounds
  • Measurements of environmental noise from operating installations, devices and industrial plants
  • Traffic noise measurements
  • Effectiveness of operation of the air protection installation based on oxidizing, adsorption and absorption processes

Assistance in the development of environmental documentation:

  • Comprehensive works leading to obtaining a decision on the environmental conditions of consent for the implementation of planned projects
  • Preparing applications for obtaining a permit for the release of gases and dust into the air
  • Preparing documentation for obtaining integrated permits, permits for waste generation
  • Preparing water law and waste management surveys.
  • Developing an analysis of the plant’s impact on atmospheric air quality, including the release of odor substances
  • Preparing Project Information Sheets and Environmental Impact Reports
  • Performing Ecological Reviews
  • Preparing VOC Balances
  • Performing assessments of the technical condition of environmental protection devices
  • Customer support/coordination of administrative processes, including preparation of letters and correspondence with local government bodies and participation in meetings with representatives of the Customer and local government bodies

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