Zeolite concentrators

Zeolite concentrators – KZY concentration devices in conjunction with the above-mentioned KNV or RTO combustion devices – constitute the most economical exhaust air purification technology with a large air volume flow, but with a low solvent concentration. In the cleaning process, a rotating rotor made of hydrophobic zeolite adsorbs organic pollutants from the exhaust air. Then those pollutants are desorbed by hot air and led to the oxidizer for disposal. Zeolite concentrators are mainly used in the coating industry, semiconductor production and in the chemical industry.

Zeolite concentrator KZY + DKT
Zeolite concentrator KZY + DRT


  • FRP industry
  • paint industry and semiconductor production
  • automotive industry

Features and advantages:

  • for air flow rates up to 15,000 Nm3/h
  • at low concentration of solvents <1 g/Nm3
  • at low exhaust air temperature<40 °C
  • impurity concentration ratio up to 1:25

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