Replacement of a ceramic bed

In addition to thermal air purification devices, we also design and manufacture all kinds of devices, technologies and accompanying services, such as:

  • dry dust filtration devices (filtration chambers, automatic cartridge and bag filters, etc.)
  • exhaust ventilation systems made of flanged welded steel ducts
  • bypass systems for industrial processes
  • systems protecting thermal air purification devices against too high concentration of volatile organic compounds at the device inlet (LEL, ATEX, etc.)
  • audits of existing air purification installations to improve their efficiency
  • modernization of existing air purification installations
  • selection and replacement of a ceramic bed in existing thermal oxidizing installations
  • high temperature thermal insulation
  • freestanding emitters
  • heat recovery for all types of medium (air, water, oil, steam, etc.)
  • cogeneration systems enabling the production of electricity with the use of volatile organic compounds
  • all kinds of environmental documentation and documentation for a building permit obtaining.

Replacement of ceramic bed

Replacing the ceramic bed does not have to be a mystery. As a company with extensive experience in the manufacture and servicing of volatile organic compound (VOC) air purification equipment, we have seen a great deal. Our engineering staff will analyse, advise and prepare a quotation to safely and quickly complete the task of removing, disposing of and replacing the existing ceramic bed with a new one taking into account its individual application.

The thermal efficiency of the RTO regenerative afterburner is dependent on the performance and good condition of the ceramic bed (heat accumulator), which translates into tangible savings in utility consumption on the part of the customer. Regular servicing of the RTO, combined with expert assessment of the individual components of the afterburner, will ensure no unplanned downtime in the production process through many years of trouble-free operation of the air purification plant.

In an era of constant change in the industrial sector and the growing importance of environmental protection, increasing attention is being paid to the cleaning and treatment of industrial air. It is in this area that our company specialises, offering a wide range of engineering services such as design, execution, laboratory and service. Our services are ‘bespoke’ and tailored to the individual needs of our business customers, in line with current legislation and the latest industry trends.

Ceramic bed replacement – the company’s offer

One of our important areas of activity is the replacement of ceramic beds, an essential part of the industrial air purification process. Business customers can benefit from our professional analysis, advice and selection of air purification systems, as well as servicing of the equipment.

Our experience includes, among other things, the implementation of clean room systems in which the concentration of solid contaminants is controlled. All our services comply with current legislation and take into account environmental aspects, including olfactometry, i.e. the testing of odours in the air.

Industry changes and environmental issues

Following the dynamic development of the industry and the growing importance of environmental protection, our company is adapting to new challenges by offering innovative solutions for industrial air purification and treatment. As experts in the field of ceramic bed replacement, we are constantly following the changes in the market in order to provide our customers with the most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

We are convinced that investments in state-of-the-art technologies as well as continuous improvement of our specialists’ competences will allow us to maintain our leading position on the market and meet our customers’ expectations. We invite business customers looking for professional services in the field of ceramic bed replacement and industrial air purification and treatment to cooperate with us.

Please send inquiries regarding cooperation to the following address: or via the contact form available on the website in the Contact us tab.

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